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Toy recalls, they are the worst. I remember back in 2008 when traces of lead began appearing in Chinese made toys. Parents were terrified. People began buying lead testing kits and throwing away entire boxes full of suspicious products. It was a true wake up call. 

GreenToysLogoRight around this time “Green Toys” came into existence. They are an American toy maker who uses recycled milk jugs to make their line of safe, colorful, fun products. The very same plastic containers that you drop into the recycling bin are taken and made into quality toys for your children. To date they have recycled over 16 million milk jugs! They are bringing manufacturing jobs back to America and saving the planet at the same time. 

When I searched through their website I was struck by the quality of their products. These seem like toys that your child can own and play with for years and years. seaplaneItems like this seaplane. It floats on water, is made of safe materials, no small peices or other choking hazards. Your little one can play with it in the pool or the play room. It sells for $19.99 and is dishwasher safe. 

Its just one of dozens of great toys that your son or daughter might enjoy. Safe toys for your family and jobs for Americans, you can’t beat that. Support Green Toys, support quality and safety, support American workers. 

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