Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Impact Fitness Wear

Gym clothes, they can range from a worn out t-shirt from the 90’s to a space age fiber running suit. made in the USA impact fitnessIf you’re a gym rat, yoga fanatic, or avid runner the right outfit can make all the difference. The people at Impact Fitness seem to agree and they have created a beautiful line of work out clothing for a wide range of activities and body types. 

Looking good is the first step to feeling good. An attractive, well fitting comfortable outfit is a confidence booster and motivator.  Quality “American made” clothing that you can purchase from “Impact Fitness” is a stylish choice. It will have you looking your best when you are out engaging in your favorite sports and activities. 

Lose the faded lime colored sweat shirt that you first bought back in college and grab an “Essence Tank top” for $19.99 and a pair of “Signature Shorts” for $28.00. You will look better, you will move better, and you will support your fellow American workers. 

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