Amazon Prime – Three Months Out

A few months back I made a comparison of all of the popular video rental options available right now. Prime 1In the end I concluded that “Amazon Prime” was the best value. I was so impressed by the service that I enrolled in the 30 day free trial to see if things were are good as the seemed. The short answer is, they are. 

To be completely honest I didn’t enroll myself in Amazon prime, I enrolled my mother. I bought her a Roku box for her birthday and asked her to try the Amazon service. What quickly followed was an obsession with “Downton Abbey”. She ripped through the first two seasons in a matter of days. Since the third season wasn’t available for free she immediately rented it.  My Mom loves the Roku and “Amazon Prime” and uses them nearly every single day. 

What I think my mom likes even more than the streaming video is one of the other benefits of an Amazon prime membership, the free two day shipping. Once that kicked in she began to shop on Amazon more and more. Many of her purchases that might have gone to other retailers are now going to Amazon.

As for the service itself, I have no complaints. The “Amazon Prime” library is huge, diverse, and growing. Every week they add more and more quality titles. Everything streams in HD and I have never experienced any glitches or interruptions. 

I am still presently using Netflix, but as soon as the Bride and I settle into our new place, I think I am going to make the switch. The age of Netflix may be coming to an end, the time for Amazon Prime is approaching. 

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  • marbar327

    I agree with you Amazon Prime is the Best Mary McCloy