I Bought Another Pair of American Made Sneakers and Saved 3 Bucks On the Purchase

For the last 5 years I have probably bought around 10 pairs of shoes. I am proud to report that 8 of them were made in America and the majority of them have come from NewBalance.

Today I bought another pair and I got a pretty good deal to boot. I will lay out the process and you can judge for yourself how I did.

dabe's shoesI decided to buy a pair of New Balance 940 Running Shoes. I have owned a pair of these before, several now that I think about it. They are very comfortable and stylish and they feel good on my feet. They retail for about $119.00, the New Balance site has them on sale for $89.99. Good, but I knew I could do better.

I begin my search at BigCrumbs.com. I have written about this site before and have used it at least a dozen times. The concept is great, you search the BigCrumbs site, they link you to a product and split the referral fee with you if you buy something. I search the site and it connected me with Joe’sNewBlanceOutlet.com. The referral fee for this retailer is 4%, pretty good.

bigBigCrumbs sends me over to Joe’s site and I find the “New Balance 940’s” are selling for $84.99. I pick my size and place my order. The shipping is free and the BigCrumbs referral is about $3.50, I knocked about 9 bucks off the New Balance sale price and the shoes will be delivered right to my from door.

So there you go, I bought an “American Made” product and I got a pretty good deal. You can’t do much better than that. 

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