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A few years ago I made a conscious decision to buy American. Most of the time when I mentioned this to a friend or family member I was usually met with skepticism or mild pity. Most people believed that such a task would either be very difficult, too expensive, or downright impossible. 

As the last few months have demonstrated, they were wrong. Some days I get dressed in my American made jeans, put on my American made shirt, slip on my American made sneakers and jump into my American made car. Buying “Made in the USA” is possible, and in my option preferable. I have yet to buy a domestically made product that I wasn’t completely satisfied with. The lie that we can’t build any thing in this country anymore is slowly being revealed.

watches shinolaThis fact was demonstrated to me in a news story I watched just yesterday. Right now, in Detriot, they are making watches and bicycles. That’s correct, wristwatches and bikes are being assembled in Detriot. A company called Shinola is bucking the trend and bringing manufacturing job back to Michigan. I would encourage you to visit their site and watch the videos of their workers assembling their products. I find it fascinating. 

Apparently I am not alone because Shinola has sold out of all of their watch offerings. If you want to buy one from their next batch you can sign up for their newsletter. 

Now their watches and bikes aren’t cheap, but you have to consider two facts. First off, you are buying a hand made item. That bicycle is being welded and assembled by hand, every single detail is being given a trained professionals care and attention. Secondly, how long are you going to own these items? Fifteen years? Thirty? With the right care and maintenance these products could last you most of your adult life. What is that worth? 

Shinola offers some other more affordable items as well, check out their site and take a look for yourself. “Made in the USA” is working, manufacturing jobs are returning to America, our products are terrific. All we have to do is open our eyes to these facts and give them a try. 

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