Something to Consider When Preparing For Your Next Vacation – The Medicine Bag

CVS, RiteAid, WalGreens, we take them for granted. In most parts of this country a pharmacy is never more then a few minutes away. All of the medicines and brands that we are used to, whenever we need them. We never even give it a second thought, I certainly never did.

europe medThen I went away on my honeymoon and boy was I surprised. First off, pharmacies aren’t always so easy to find, even with the big glowing green cross. Secondly in Europe pharmacies only sell medicine, no candy, no birthday cards, just medical items. 

The other thing is noticed was that I didn’t recognize any of the brands and the prices of many of the items were very high. The bride and I bought hand sanitizer and it cost us three or four times what we would pay in America. 

This is why I recommend that you pack a medical bag when going out of the country. Any of the products that you might normally take or use for an upset stomach or a head ache. Whichever products you suspect you might possibly need. Buy them and pack them away, just in case. 

That way if the need arises you are ready. You won’t have to find a pharmacy, and pay triple the amount for a brand you have never seen before. You won’t have to worry about having a back reaction to a foreign medicine or end up ignoring the problem and ending up in a hospital. 

A small medical bag could save the day and your vacation with it. It’s always better to be prepared. 

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