Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Tazi Water Bottles

Some people make products cheap, others make them well, and a rare few make them better. Inventors and innovators who improve on the old design making things easier to use and safer. A small company called Tazi fits that bill.

mister 2They have created the Tazi Ultimate Hydration Bottle, a unique water bottle designed for active athletes, particularly runner and cyclists.  The bottle has an arched designed and a unique self-sealing cap. You no longer have to pull the cap open with your free hand or your teeth. Their design allows you to pour the water in your mouth when you invert the bottle or use it as a mister when you hold it up right. 

While most bottles require you to tilt your head back to drink form them, the Tazi with its unique shape and design allows you to keep you head level and your eyes forward. This allows you maintain your pace and keep your eyes on the road when you going biking or running.

I believe that the Tazi water bottle is one of those products that once you start using it you never want to switch back. It cost $6.99, is made in America, and is certainly worth a try.

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