A Free Magazine Subscription is Just an Opinion Away

You can’t beat a good magazine. The only thing I like about the dentist is that my dentist has a great selection of magazines in her waiting room. Every time I go there I always enjoy reading different articles from the varied selection they have there. Without fail I make a mental note to subscribe and I quickly forget. In my defense the painful sensation of drilling in my teeth tends to make me forget a lot of things. 

Anyway I have found an opportunity for you to get some free subscriptions and all you have to do is fill out an anonymous survey. Just sign up at rewardsurvery.com and take one of their brief surveys. Once you do so you will be awarded $20 in reward points. magsPoints that you can use for magazine subscriptions. Publications like Vogue, Wired, Men’s Fitness, Cigar Aficionado, and many more. 

Expand your horizons, feed your head, and do it for free with rewardsurvey.com. It’s just that easy.

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