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The fourth of July is quickly approaching. With it comes parades, fireworks, and barbecues to commemorate our nations declaration of independence.  Many of us will wave and display the stars and stripes on this fine day. This year we might want to stop and ask where those flags come from. How can we celebrate the birth of America with a flag made in China? Where something is made matters, this goes double for our flag. 

Annin flags is one of largest and oldest flag makers in the United States. AnninFounded in 1847 when Annin started making flags they only had 29 stars on them. For over 150 years they have endured, expanding there products offerings during that time. 

I had the chance to visit their Roseland New Jersey factory and meet many of the people who worked their. I met one woman who has worked their for over 40 years and has never taken a sick day. She could free hand cut a flag perfectly. I watched here do it over and over again, no ruler no dotted lines. She made it seems effortless, but I knew better. 

Annin flags offers a wide range of products to satisfy any occasion. From small hand flags to wave at parades to massive 60 foot flags that you see flying over schools and businesses, Annin has what ever size you need. They also make historic flags, state and international flags as well as marine and novelty flags. Whatever type of flag you need, chances are they make it.

So if you are going to celebrate our nations independence do it right, do it with an Annin flag made in the USA.


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  • Edilberto Durano

    Let us support our own flag manufacturers and industries and commemorate our independence, waving flags made by our own people.
    Ed of

    • Al

      I support the USA by buying US made cars and trucks. Cadillac has plenty
      of quality used cars for sale trucks too–

      • stevekn0ws62

        I vote that up