Stop Overpaying for Movie Tickets

With summer here I am in full swing movie viewing mode. A few days ago I saw “The Man of Steel”. The week before I saw “The Purge”. I watched each movie at a different theater and the experiences were quite different. I realized that a lot of us are paying over 10 bucks a ticket when we could be paying closer to 5.

filmOne of my favorite gifts is a gift card to a movie theater. As an aspiring filmmaker and a lover of cinema you can’t go wrong with giving me a few free trips to the movies. Here’s the trouble, most people give me $25 gift cards and many of the movie theaters near me charge $12. The means if I take the Bride, as I often do, the card has one dollar left on it after just one visit. It’s happened several times, but I still act shocked when the cashier hands me back the gift card and tells me the remaining balance is a buck. 

Unfortunately I was getting used to this high pricing until I went to a local privately owned theater. When I was told that my ticket cost 7 dollars I almost wanted to ask what year it was. I haven’t paid that little for a movie ticket since 1998 and was afraid that I had accidentally traveled back in time.

As my last two examples have demonstrated, it pays to shop around. Call up a few theaters and check prices, bounce around and find two or three theaters that you really like. A low ticket price isn’t that appealing if the floors are sticky and the sound is bad. Find good places, with good prices.

I really enjoyed the small local theaters but I also like my “Regal Crown Club” rewards program and the free stuff that comes with it. On the other hand, if I am overpaying for my tickets and I really getting any of the rewards that I am earning? Couldn’t I just buy my own rewards with all of the money I am saving?

I discovered a solution. I was looking around the Regal Cinemas website and I found that they offer discount tickets. reagl discount ticketTheir “Premiere Movie Tickets” cost $8 each, they can be used at any of their locations and never expire. The catch is that you have to buy them in bulk starting at 50 tickets. You might want to split a batch with some friends or just horde them. You could pay for them with a rewards credit card and rack up some points.

It’s nice to know that you have options, either scope out a privately owned place with lower prices or buy a bunch of discount tickets. This way you can pay less per ticket and potentially see more movies as a result. That’s my plan. 

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