The Power of Asking

What’s the worst that could happen? This is usually one of the main considerations when making a decision. It’s always smart to pay attention to the downside, but what if there was no downside? Not every choice or action has a negative reaction or consequence. I remember when I went with my Dad to buy a car, right before we were about to close the deal I asked that the dealership throw in three free oil changes, they agreed to two. I knew that I really had nothing to lose, dealerships don’t really care about oil changes and they wanted the sale. By asking I managed to save my Dad a few bucks on his first two service visits. As a general rule it always a good idea to ask for more.

This was true of my honeymoon. I had done a great job planning the trip, but I still wanted to see if I could make it even better. I decided to call all of the hotels that we were staying at and spoke with the manager of each. I told him/her that I was visiting my hotel as part of my honeymoon, that my Bride and I were from America and that this was our first time visiting their city. I ask if their was anything that they could do to make the trip a even more special.

In each case the person from the hotel was very accomodating. They made a note in the computer and told me that they would “see what they could do”. I thanked them and hoped for the best. I knew that their was no harm in asking and left it at that.

Jump forward to the actual Honeymoon and my requests paid off. At our first Hotel, the Hyatt Vendome, in Paris the concierge upgraded our room and gave us a very nice bottle of Champagne. At our second hotel in Venice we were given a nice bottle of red wine. These gestures were very generous and the Bride and I were very grateful, but the biggest surprise came on our last night in Rome.

As you may recall I used my Hilton Honors Visa to get 40,000 reward points. I took those points and used them to book a room at the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel. This is a luxury 5 star place, where rooms can easily cost 1000 bucks a night. With my points I had knocked that down to a little over 100 dollars.

When we arrived at the Rome Cavalieri were amazed. This hotel sits on a hill high above the city of Rome. The grounds are beautiful the architecture of the hotel is amazing. Everything about this place scream 5 star. As we checked in we were greeted by the Concierge. She congratulated us on our marriage and offered to take us to our room.

When we entered the elevator she informed us that to access our floor we would need to swipe our room key in the elevator panel. A restricted floor? I was impressed.  We then proceeded to follow the Concierge down a very long hallway. We stopped at the end and in front of the door to our room were two statues. This was the only door with such decoration. WowShe turned to us and said, “In honor of your honeymoon we are upgrading you to and excelsior suite.”

As the door opened the Bride and I were shocked. This was the nicest hotel room we had ever been in. This was the type of place a movie start would stay. It had four balconies each offering an amazing view of Rome below, two bathrooms, a living room and a giant bedroom, plasma TV’s everywhere. We even had a TV in the master bathroom.Bathroom I have to be honest its kinda weird watching TV while you take a shower. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I could get used to it.

Our heads were spinning trying to take all of this in. Then the Concierge turned to us and said,”Let me show you how to go upstairs.” Upstairs? She hit a button and this glass ceiling slid open. We felt like we had won a game show.

StairsWe walked up a winding set of stairs and onto a huge balcony. It was the same size as the floor below! It had a jacuzzi and a bar, a dozen sun chairs and an out door shower. It also had the most amazing view of Rome, we could see the Sistine Chapel.Chairs 

We thanked the Concierge profusely and handed her a large tip. She left us still shocked standing in this amazing room. I had done good.

That night we order up some room service. We had bought a bottle of wine from a shop in the lobby. We enjoyed our meal on the balcony, eating our dinner as the sunset over Rome. It was like a dream, picture perfect.

JaccuziLater we hopped into our jacuzzi and enjoyed the beatiful view of Rome as night. We feel asleep in a big bed, under a ceiling that had hundreds of little LED lights in it that looked like stars. It was a fantastic end to a great Honeymoon.

The other day, out of curiosity, I looked up the normal cost of that room. It is $7000.00 a night. We could never afford that, the whole trip didn’t cost that much. We got it because I made a 1 minute phone call a few days before. That is the power of asking.

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