Who Wants Free Popcorn!

At the beginning of the year I wrote about the “Regal Crown Club,” a rewards program offered by Regal Cinemas. Rewards scheduleTo recap, you enroll in the program, it’s free. Shortly after you receive a card and whenever you go to see a movie you present that card at the ticket booth or concession stand and you are rewarded points(up to 20 points per visit.) As you accrue points you build up to various rewards milestones like a free concession item or a free movie ticket. 

I am a Regal Crown Club member and I am happy to report that I crossed the 50 credit threshold a few weeks ago earning me a FREE small popcorn. PopcornI was given a voucher for that item and I used it last night when the Bride and I went to see “The Purge”. That is an actual photo of our free popcorn. I’m quite certain I looked a little strange photographing my popcorn in the middle of a crowded lobby, but I did so for my readers.

My Bride enjoyed the popcorn and she took the rest of it come to leave out for the chipmunks. I hope those little guys have some water handy because that popcorn is salty.

I currently have 70 credits. That puts me about 2 visits away from a free drink and 5 visits away from a free movie ticket. With so many great movies coming out this summer I should reach those marks before the end of August. I was going to see these movies anyway, why not earn some nice free stuff.

If you are like me and enjoy seeing movies in the theaters, the “Regal Crown Club” is a no brainer. 

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