Do You Enjoy Baseball? Would You Like $5.6 Million Dollars?

I’ve never played Fantasy Baseball before. I’ve watched others do it and I noticed two things, first it takes a lot of time, and secondly the people who play in those leagues know a whole lot more about baseball stats then I ever will. It never made sense to lay down my money for an activity that burned up all of my spare time competing in something that I have very little chance of winning. 

The other day a coworker of mine mentioned a fantasy contest called “Beat the Steak”.baseball hit In baseball a hitting steak is when one player gets at least one hit per game for a consecutive number of games in a row. The longest steak in the history of baseball is of course held by a Yankee, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio. His streak lasted 56 games! 

To beat the streak you need to pick 57 consecutive hits from any player in either league. It doesn’t have to be the same player and it probably shouldn’t be the same player if you want to win. You pick any player, up to two a day and as long as those guys get hits your streak continues. If you pick two at a time be careful because if only one of them gets a hit and the other doesn’t your steak ends.

If you can pick 57 consecutive players who get at least one hit in each of the games that you selected, you will win $5.6 million dollars. Sounds easy right? Well in the 13 years that this contest has been held no one has ever done it. Few people have ever crack at 45 game streak. The highest streak this season is 34. I’m friends with a guy in the Sports dept. of the TV station I work at, his longest streak is 17. 

Still it is free to enter and also a lot of fun. Play with your family, see who can get the longest streak, perhaps you will win? I enrolled yesterday and my streak is ZERO, the player I selected went 0 for 4. Tonight I have selected two guys, Miguel Cabrera and Yadier Molina. Let’s get that streak started. I’m 23 days away from becoming a millionaire. We all are, at least until August. Good luck to all of you, buy me a house if you win. It seems only fair, I told you about the contest. A small house, with an ocean view, and a pool. We’ll talk about it later, after you win. 

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