Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Louisville Slugger

Anyone who has ever picked up a baseball has probably tried to pitch it by someone holding a “Louisville Slugger” bat. The legacy of this company stretches over 120 years, almost as old as the sport itself. While a lot has changed during that time, you can still buy a wooden bat made in their Kentucky factory.

baseball batPrimarily carved from Northern White Ash from the Pennsylvania border, “Louisville Sluggers” are used by the majority of modern players as well as a large number of legends, like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. They offer hundreds of model and cover all levels of experience, from little league, to fast pitch, to professional baseball. 

I like that you can buy the exact same bat that the pros use. A bat like the “C243″ one of the most popular models in the game right now. Made of high quality ash using 360 degree compression this bat it the best of the best and can be yours for $99.99. An American made icon that should give you years of enjoyment. Why buy a cheap aluminum bat or an imported knock off. Buy the best, buy American.

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