5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Europe

Since its Sunday I have decided to keep things light and share with you some observations I made over the course of my Honeymoon to France and Italy. A few interesting facts that you might enjoy.

  1. elevatorThe first floor of every building is the “zero” floor. In the US we tend to call the main floor of a building the first floor or the ground floor or the lobby. In Europe it’s “0”. So if you check into a hotel and they tell you that you are on the first floor you are actually on the second. Several times the Bride and I got into our elevator and hit “1” only to be confused when the doors opened to another floor of rooms and not the lobby.
  2. You have to ask for ice. In America, every drink comes with ice in it, icewe even put ice in drinks that are normally served hot, like coffee. I seem recall reading a fact somewhere that America is the only country in the world that drinks more iced tea then hot tea. That being said, when I ask for water or order a beverage I expect it to come with ice cubes floating in it. This was not the case, not once. Every single time I had to ask for ice and to be honest the waiter seemed kind of annoyed. 
  3. 3. Soda is expensive! Now I realize that I was in major cites and I was in the touristy parts of those cities, but 7 Euros for a soda? That over 9 bucks! Even the vending machines wanted 2 euros for a bottle of pop, about $2.60.
  4. cronNo high fructose corn syrup. I personally don’t like the taste of corn syrup and enjoyed a vacation from it. The Europeans don’t have the massive abundance of corn that we do so they seems less inclined to use it in their food. I like the taste of real sugar, so I found that their food generally tasted better over there.
  5. Tips are included in the bill. When you get the check, a tip of 10% is already included in the total. waiterYou can tip more if you like and we often did, but you should keep that in mind because no one will tell you. Probably as a result of this set up I noticed that European waiters aren’t as nice as American ones. They weren’t rude, they were just not as overly friendly and accommodating as the ones I am used to dealing with here.

So there you are, a couple of differences you might not have know about Europe. File them away in the useless trivia portion of your brian.

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