Time to Update the Wardrobe

Some people love to shop, they live to shop. They head out to the mall and spend hours and hours drifting from store to store looking for clothes in a state of bliss. I am most certainly not in that group, at all. I hate shopping, that’s not an exaggeration. I hate it. If given the choice, I would rather do my laundry then go shopping.  That’s right, I would rather wash my dirty clothes then buy new ones.

But clothes do wear out and you gotta wear something. In the past I had developed a strategy to get around this problem.  I would pick one or two days out of the year and hit the outlet stores hard. I would buy all of my clothes for the season in a single trip. Just get it all over with, one shot. This worked pretty well, but if didn’t like the offerings the whole trip could turn into a bust. It was a roll of the dice and sometimes I would lose.

Although online shopping has the appeal of allowing me to avoid the grind of going to the mall, I was always concerned about how the clothes would fit. I dislike returns even more then I dislike shopping and adding the mailing aspect into the mix just amplifies the negativity of the experience.

Then one day while looking for the best deal on a pair of New Balance sneakers  I found the Sierra Trading Post, a fast, easy to use site filled with prices that beat the outlets. It almost seemed too good to be true, but I browsed the offerings, selected a few items, placed my order, and bam the clothes came. For the most part they fit well and the one shirt that was too big I gave to my younger, but taller brother. I have been to this site 3 or 4 times and I can honestly say that my shopping problems are behind me.

Today I bought these four shirts, a Carhartt pullover sweatshirt ($28.95, 42%off), a green Gildan T-shirt ($3.15, 55%off), a Victorinox Swiss Army Long Sleeve shirt ($69.95, 39% off), and a Dakota Grizzly Plaid button down ( $36.95, 37%off).

Add to that the 25% coupon code that I got from their e-mail news letter and the total for the order was $117.19, a savings of over 125 dollars and I didn’t have to leave my house! How can you beat that?



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