An American Made Cell Phone?

As a fan and supporter of American made products, googleI was excited to discover that Google, who owns Mototrola, is going to build it’s “Moto X” smartphone in Fort Worth Texas. They are hiring 2,000 workers to accomplish this task. Those jobs would normally go to a facility in China, but Google has decided to bring them to the USA. Most companies are exporting job over seas, Google is going against the trend. I hope more companies follow their lead.

As for the phone itself, very little is know right now.  I read a few rumors about a 16 megapixel camera, that would be really nice. I also read that it will have software that helps it save battery use and that the battery will be quite large. It would be nice to have a cell phone that didn’t run out of charge half way through the day. 

When will the “Moto X” go on sale? Some rumors suggest as early as August, others say Novemeber. I suspect it will be available on all carriers some time next year. As more information comes out I will share it with you.

Hats off to Google and congratulations to those 2000 newly hired workers in Texas. I will be reading the reviews on the “Moto X” closely. If they are good I may have found my future smart phone, made right here in the USA.

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