Something to Consider When Preparing for Your Next Vacation – Pick the Right Luggage

The Bride and I just spent 8 days in Europe on our honeymoon and it was fantastic. I wouldn’t change much about the trip, but I would have prepared a little differently. I found that somethings you don’t even think about before your trip becomes glaringly obvious when you begin your travels. For us this was most true about our luggage.

Do you have a suitcase? It seems like most of us do. We climb up into the crawl space or the attic, slide the Christmas decorates over and pull it out. How old is that suitcase? Does it have a floral pattern from the 60’s and old American Airlines luggage tag with your mom’s maiden name on it? So much has changed about the way we travel and that old luggage just won’t do.

When I was in Venice I met a nice guy from Massachusetts. We were talking about our trip and he told me how much he loved his new suit case. delsey luggageHe had a Delsey Helium Aero 21. It had a strong hard shell, a TSA approved combination lock, and wheels that rolled in all directions. The 21 model is carry on size, which for me is a big deal. Carrying on means not having to deal with the worry, hassle, and possible expense of checking your bag. I would much rather get off the plane and go instead of trying to find the right luggage carousel and waiting for my bag to pop out or worrying that it was lost in transition.

The TSA approved lock is also an important feature. I brought locks with me for our luggage, but I very rarely used them. I was primarily worried about losing the key and I couldn’t lock them when I went on a plane. If a TSA agent needs to access your bag and its locked, he/she will cut it off. luggage lockHaving and approved combination lock fixes both of theses problems. Traveling with locked luggage is also a good deterrent to thieves. Most of them want and easy target, slide a zipper over, grab something inside and go. A hard shelled locked bag is too much of a hassle. They are much more likely to move past you and try to find an easier target.

The other feature about the Helium Aero 21 that I like is that it’s expandable. If you open a zipper on the side it will increase the size of you bag by up to 2 inches. I really like this for the simple fact that I often buy things on my trips and I always need more room. This suitcase adjusts to meet that need.

Finally I like the hard shell. I have a canvas type suitcase, more of a bag really. I am always worried that it will get crushed or mangled. The hard shell eliminates that and it also stops people from trying to squish your bag over to make room for theirs. 

This suitcase sells for  $127.49 on Amazon and has some fantastic reviews. It comes in a wide range of sizes, but only the 21 qualifies as a carry on. The Bride and I are considering purchasing two for our next trip. We are done with the inconvenience and the hassle of our old luggage. 

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