Honeymoon, Here We Come!

eiffel towerIn a few short hours the Bride and I will be in Paris and we can’t wait. I have been planning this trip for months using credit card rewards to not only cut the cost of it in half, but to stay at luxury hotels that I would never even think of booking under normal circumstances. After a long year of wedding planning and working tons of overtime to pay for it, we will finally get to relax and enjoy our time together as newly weds. 

I will not be posting any new articles until I return at the beginning of June, but please remember that the PiggyBankBuilder “Made in the USA” Giveaway is going on right now. Sign up for your chance to potentially win $75 dollars in American made products. This is our largest prize to date and it supports American companies, something that PiggyBankBuilder is very passionate about.

I want to thank all of our visitors. The last 10 months have been very rewarding. Finding ways to help my visitors save money and finds deals has been a great experience and has encouraged me to improve my own financial circumstances in the process. Please keep the Tweets, comments, and “likes” coming as they help to increase the popularity of the site. Watching the numbers on the counter climb each week encourages me to work even harder. 

I will close with this request, the website Stumbleupon is a great way to increase traffic to this site. If you would please sign up and like Piggybankbuilder it would be a great help. From my calculation if just 50 people did this, if 50 people visited stumbleupon, joined, entered “PiggyBankBuilder.com” into the search and gave us the thumbs up it would generate hundreds if not thousands of new visitors to this website. That would be the best Honeymoon gift the Builder could ask for.

I will return in 8 or 9 days, well rested and hopefully with some new suggests and ideas.  Au revoir.

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