A Free Jenny Craig Trial and Some Food for Your Dog

I used to take my dog on a walk all the time. For me walking with my dog is so much more enjoyable. I think most dog owners feel this way. The people at Purina and Jenny Craig have clued into this and created a very creative giveaway.  

pet slim downIt’s called “Project Pet Slim Down: Power of Two”, a program to encourage exercise and healthy eating for you and your dog. You register for the program, visit a veterinarian to determine the right diet and exercise program for you pet, purchase a qualifying Purina pet product, and you are given a $15 rebate towards the purchase of that food. Then you choose a free program from Jenny Craig and you begin your free 90 day trial. 

The trial will last the entire summer allowing you to focus on eating better and exercising with your pet. A free opportunity to get into shape and spend some more time with you dog.

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