The PiggyBankBuilder “Made in the U.S.A.” GiveAway

As promised my latest giveaway is an exciting departure from past contests. Up until now all of my giveaways have been for $25 denominations. This giveaway will potentially be for 3 times that amount and incorporate one of my passions, supporting American made products. Let me explain.

American PigEvery Monday for the last several months I have posted articles highlighting products made in the USA. These are now the prizes. Any item that I have written about in my “Made in the U.S.A. Monday” feature is a prize. If you are the lucky winner I will put $25 towards the purchase of any of those items.

If you would like to double that reward all you have to do is leave a comment in the post of the item you are interested in. Would you like a “Maglite” flashlight, leave a comment and if you win you will get $50 towards the purchase of that product. You like the B.A.D. Bags duffle bag I wrote about last December? Leave a comment stating that if you win this is what you want and $50 worth of credit towards that purchase will be yours. In the right side of the page is a tab for “Made In the USA”, click on it for a list off all the items I have written about and take a look.

To sweeten the deal even more if you can get the company whose product you are interested in to tweet me I will increase the prize to $75. That’s it, all they have to do is Tweet @PBBuilder and they just gave you $25 dollars more onto your prize pool.

All of my standard contest rules apply as well as the following. I will not give you cash. The idea of this contest is to support American companies. The winner will tell me which product they are interested in and I will contact that company and credit you with $75 that you can use towards buying that item.

For clarity I will give you an example. You sign up for the contest. Then you look through all of the “Made in the USA Monday” posts and decide that you really like the “A.S. Tees” clothing. You click on the comments section and say “If I win I would really this to be my prize”. Afterwards you go over to Twitter and find the A.S. Tees company account and tell them about the contest. They tweet at me locking you in for the full $75 amount. You will and I credit you with $75 to spend at A.S. Tees. You buy a bunch of great American made polos and t-shirts, you win and they win.

I hope I explained it clearly, if you have any questions please leave them in the “comment” section. Good Luck!

The PiggyBankBuilder “Made in the U.S.A” GiveAway


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  • chantelle knick

    If I were to win, I would really like this to be my prize – buying my baby some clothing from Royal Apparel. Thanks for the opportunity and for supporting U.S. companies and workers. :)

  • wendy b

    Great giveaway and support for products made in the USA.

  • Rachael

    I love that this contest highlights products made in the USA. This is a great thing to bring to the attention of every, where their products have been made!

  • Tuffy Goose

    I would love a Maglight flashlight

  • Kelly Eisaman

    What a great contest! Would love to win a Maglite especially here in Florida during hurricane season!