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The other day I was getting into bed and the corner of the bottom sheet popped out. I grabbed it and stretched it back into place and it ripped right down the middle. What? “I just bought these sheets”. When I told the “Future Bride” she reminded me that those sheets were not a recent purchase, they were in fact nine years old. Really? Time certainly does fly by. 

I only have one set of sheets remaining and those aren’t that new either. Its time to buy a new set.

As with all purchases these days I essentially have three choices. I can buy cheap, microfiber, low thread count sheets made in China for about $25 bucks. They will get the job done, but they wont feel all that great, they could possibly be made with harmful dyes, and they won’t last very long at all.

If I step it up a bit I could buy foreign made sheets with a good thread count made from cotton for about $80. They would last a little longer then the cheap Chinese set, I prefer cotton to synthetic material. Many people would buy these sheets and be satisfied with this product.

made in the usa sheetsI am opting to take it a step further and buy a set of “Dusk” colored sheets from Luxe and Liberty. These 300 thread count sheets are made from 100% cotton, are hand sewn, boasting twice the stitching per inch as some of their competitors, and are made in America by craftsmen using environmentally friendly methods and materials. These luxurious sheets are a cut above the rest. The seams, the stitching, the fit, these are sheets that you could buy and enjoy for years.

They cost $125, but considering that you are going to spend about 1/3 of you time sleeping on them I would argue that they are well worth it. Do you want to wrap your body in American made quality or something else? 

If you visit the “Luxe and Liberty” site you can view all of their offerings. From there modestly priced 260 count sheets for $85.00 to their truly luxurious 1020 thread count “Supima” cotton sheets that sell for $695.00. They offer a wide range of American made quality products. Take a look, you might find something you like, I did.

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