Turn that “Cozy” Studio Apartment Into a Castle.

Many families across America are days away from the big move out. College bound children will leave the nest and head out into the world. Some for the first time, others for more times then they would care to recall. Many will go to dorm others to off campus apartments. The dorm will usually come furnished, the apartments probably not.

Selecting an apartment can be a daunting task, full of variables. Size, price, location, amenities, distance to school, distance to “home”, the list goes on and on. For this post I am going to zero in on size as it pertains to cost. The monthly rent difference between a studio and and a proper one bedroom can be quite large. We are often attracted to the low price of the studio until we open the door and wonder “Is this it?”. “What’s behind that door?” A closet. “How about that one?” The bathroom. “I don’t know if my bed will even fit in here!”

No need to fret, the folks here at PBB have a solution, resource furniture. These find people have taken space saving and precision engineering to the extreme. They have created quality furniture that will provide you with a fashionable decor and room to breathe. Have a look: 


On the left we have a chic looking couch, but what do we have on the right? A drop down bed that converts in seconds with little effort. Throw a plasma on the adjacent wall and you are ready to go, living room by day, bedroom by night. Their site is filled with different various and combinations all built for tight living quarters.

Now this stuff isn’t cheap, but when you weigh all the variables I think it still makes sense. Lets start off with the logistics of moving. You have to pack up your bed and you couch in a truck and haul it to your new place. As anyone who has ever done this can tell you, its no kind of fun. With this you are ordering your furniture and having delivered. Also you have to consider the saving in rent.

Let’s say that a one bedroom in your area is $1000.00 and a studio is $600.00, in some cases this will be too high in NYC it will be way too low. In this example though, over a two year period you are saving nearly 10 thousand dollars! If this furniture set up made it possible then it was more then worth it.

You should also remember that when you are getting ready to move on to your next place you can sell the furniture for a pretty high percentage of what you originally paid. Quality stuff like this, in good condition, I would think you might be able to sell it for 50-75% of what you paid for it. You walk away with money in your pocket and no moving hassles. It’s certainly worth some consideration.

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