The Pop-Out Outlet

I came across this product the other day. In our modern times of ever increasing gadget use we are spending more and more time looking for a place to plug in. The Adorne Pop-Out outlet is an answer to the problem as well as an aesthetic improvement. Pop-Out_Outlet piggybankbuilderWhen not in use this  outlet retracts neatly into the wall. When the need to plug in arises you simply push on the plate and three outlets rise up. 

This would be great in a kitchen or bathroom where you are always plugging and unplugging gadgets. It would also work well in a living or dining room on open walls, the kind you only plug your vacuum cleaner into and nothing else. Hide the outlets when you aren’t using them, pop them out at your convenience. 

An added perk is that unlike a standard outlet that gives you two plugs this one offers you the ability to plug in 3 devices. Of course you still have to respect the power load of the outlet, you can’t plug in three hair dryers, but if you have so much hair that you need three blow dryers you probably have bigger problems then outlet aesthetics. 

I found this item selling at Lowes for about $40. It’s the type of thing that you don’t need, but its nice. Its also the kind of thing that you get one of and like it so much that you decide to put them in every room of you house.

If you would like a little extra information here is a video demonstrating it.

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