A FREE 60 Day Membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club

People love warehouse clubs, if they aren’t members themselves they will usually piggyback with a friend or relative that is. The cost of membership can be a little pricey, but the logic behind it is that you will make it back and then some with all of the discounts that such a membership gives you access to.

I am like most people, in the sense that I would like to be a member of a warehouse club. I like the savings and the value that buying in bulk offers. Unfortunately joining is never really high on the top of my list. I guess I need a little bit of a push. We’ll today I found it. 

BJ'sFrom now until July 14th the BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a  FREE 60 day membership to any one who preregisters. You fill out and submit and online form and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Print that e-mail and bring it to the “member services” desk at any BJ’s Wholesale Club and you get 2 FREE months of membership. A nice trial run for you to try out the saving and rewards of warehouse shopping. 

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