Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Dynamic Accents Dog Crates

Dog crates, seems like everyone uses them now. No longer do dogs sleep at the foot of the bed or on a pad in the den or basement. Crates, these lockable indoor dog houses, are the new trend. My parents have two dogs and they sleep in crates right next to the bed. The only trouble is my Mom thinks the crates make the room look cluttered so every morning they put them away. The crates aren’t exactly heavy, but they are exactly light either.

dog crateThe designers at the Ohio based “Dynamic Accents” have recognized this aesthetic problem and created a crate that doubles as an end table. A stylish looking place where you dog can sleep and stay and a nice looking end table when not in use. Simply close the door and lock the latch and the empty crate blends into any room. 

Made in the USA, this product is made of hard oak wood and comes in several finishes to match a variety of decors. It also features waterproof flooring material and non-marking glide feet to protect your floors. It sells for around $300, but keep in mind you are getting both an end table and a comfortable, roomy, dog crate.

So ditch that old plastic or bulky metal crate and get a stylish end table crate for your bedroom or den.

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  • Maria Iemma

    I love this crate, it looks more like a piece of furniture. i think my little dog would be thrilled to call it it’s own. $300 is a bit pricy though, I have to think about it.