The Birthday Freebies Just Keep On Coming – A Free 16oz Pepsi From Hess

So when your birthday rolls around I got you covered with a FREE breakfast and a FREE Hibachi Dinner(well $30 worth). Today I am adding a free beverage to the list courtesy of Hess and their Hess App. I recently wrote about all of the things I liked about the Hess App. piggybankbuilder free pepsiNow I have one more to add. If you download and install the Hess App onto your smart phone and add you birthday, when that day comes Hess will offer you a FREE 16oz Pepsi as a gift. Hess, you shouldn’t have, but I am glad you did.

So download that app today and punch in your DOB. When the big day rolls around you will have a FREE refreshing beverage to look forward to. Happy Birthday to You!

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