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Retro styling. Some people just adore it, most people like it. I suppose we all have a fondness for the past. Of course when most people say retro they usually mean the 1950’s. Something about this era still resonates, the cars, the music, the fashion. It was before plastic, before outsourcing, we built things and we built them well. They didn’t cut corners back then.

As time passed and our products got more and more disposable people have begun to long for that sturdy built quality. Give me metal, make it heavy, make it solid. As the desire for retro has grow, manufacturers have popped up to meet the demand.

One of these companies is “Big Chill” out of Boulder Colorado. Big ChillThey have created a line of modern refrigerators that look fantastically retro. How do they do it? Simple, they take a modern fridge and fabricate a steel, powder coated exterior for it. Great, sturdy styling with modern efficiency and features.

Steel, that’s right a steel fridge with steel handles that you can hang art projects and report cards on. Magnets don’t stick to plastic. Steel, that was stamped out. A beautiful curvy fridge that you can customize with over 200 colors. You can also get a stove and dishwasher to create a complete retro kitchen. 

Assembled in Boulder Colorado, these appliances are rather pricey. When you buy a “Big Chill” fridge you are buying a look, it’s not just an appliance it’s a piece of decor. An appliance but also a conversation piece that every guest is sure to notice. A nice touch that gives your kitchen that wow factor. 

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