Cheap Snacks and Refreshments For Your Travels – Hess Express App

As you may have noticed in my previous posts, I am a Hess fan. From their prices, to their service, to the fact they they are going to give me some free Yankees tickets, Hess is all right with me. Now they have upped the ante even further with release of their HessExpress Mobile App.

Not only does this app help you find the nearest Hess location it also provides you with current gas prices. By itself this feature is not that impressive, it can be found of dozens of other apps. hess appWhat sets the Hess app apart is the “coupons” tab. It provides you with freebies and discounts on many of Hess Expresses food offerings.

Right now they are offering a free bag of CrackerJacks to any one who downlaods the app and selects their location. As you can see form the picture they are also offering a slice of pizza and a soft drink for $1.99( I can’t imagine you could find a cheaper meal) and 2 Lipton Ice Tea’s for $2.50. The idea is to persuade you to not only buy gas from Hess, but to stop in for a snack or a drink.

This seems like the perfect app for long road trips or for people that are always on the go. You can look up gas prices and take a look at the deals. That way you can grab gas and a snack in one stop and then on to your destination. 

The app is free and works on most smart phones. Give it a try and impress your passengers on your next road trip.

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