The Greatest Gift – Your Generosity.

My future Bride’s cousin is named Hope. A few years ago Hope met a great guy named Joe, they fell in love and had a son, Baby Joe. baby joeHe is a great kid, here is a picture of him. Some kids are afraid of the Easter Bunny, not Baby Joe. Baby Joe is happy to met the big bunny. Baby Joe throws on a pair of ears and smiles for a picture. This is a big day for him and he wants to remember it. 

Big Joe and Hope want to get married, but Long Island Weddings are very expensive So much so that if you are not from around here an I told you how much a wedding costs you wouldn’t believe me. Yeah, that kind of expensive. Fortunately for Hope and Joe and Baby Joe, a local radio station on Long Island is offering a free wedding to whichever couple gets the most votes in their contest

They entered, and they made it past the first round, and the second, in fact they have made it to the final 3. Now just a few days and some votes separate them from their dream wedding. They need your help. 

Having read the posts and the messages, and the e-mails from he visitors of this site I know that you are good people. You like to share ideas, you support American workers, you like saving money, and you are kind. Please vote for Joe and Hope.

Click on this link, sign up, and vote for “Hope and Joe”. Share this article one Facebook and Twitter and ask people to retweet is and share it. With one last big push I know that we can help Hope and Joe win this contest and get the Wedding of their dreams. We can do it! 

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