Don’t Let Big Rewards Slip By

Less than a month from this day I will be getting married. The “Future Bride” and I have been together for over nine years. We have seen our share of struggles, a lay off, unemployment, the biggest recession in the last 70 years, loss of loved ones. It was a long hard road, but we have emerged from it all stronger and in some ways better for it. Oddly enough planing the wedding was itself a struggle. A “Long Island” wedding is an expensive affair. I have attended weddings that must have cost over 50,000 dollars. When I tell my friends from Ohio and Pennsylvania this they almost don’t believe me. I almost don’t believe it myself, but this in New York and around here the answer to how much something costs is always, “More!”.

wedding1The “Future Bride” and I are paying for the majority of our wedding expenses by ourselves. We realize that every dollar we spend on the wedding it a dollar we won’t be able to spend  on a house. We promised ourselves that we would keep the budget under control and that we would under no circumstances go into debt to pay for our wedding. We made a budget and I realized that if we opted to use the right credit cards we could get some nice rewards.

This is true of all large purchases or decisions, remodeling your kitchen, planning a vacation, organizing a “Sweet 16″ party. You are going to be laying out an unusually large sum of money, why not use it to get $300 worth of gas cards, or a free flight or hotel. Use that extension on your house to earn you a trip to Disney, let’s those small business costs get you a new television. As the bills came in for flowers and limos, and DJ’s and photographers I paid each of them with a different rewards card and locked in some terrific rewards.

I must caution you though, I always paid the credit card bills a soon as they came in. Carrying large sums of credit card debt is never a good idea and will quickly erase any rewards. I also discovered after the fact that opening up 5 credit cards in a very short time hurt my credit score slightly. The damage was temporary, but you should be aware of it. If I had to do again I would have spaced out the applications a little further apart. 

My research and planning resulted in success I managed to cut the cost of my Honeymoon in half with the help of those rewards. I will go into detail in future posts, but if you have a big events coming up you should keep my suggestion in mind. If you are going to spend that money anyway, why not earn some rewards in the process.

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