How Does a Free Breakfast on Your Birthday Sound?

A birthday, the anniversary of your arrival into this world, a celebration of you.  If I had it my way everything would be free on your birthday. Free gas, free groceries, free movie tickets, sadly this is not yet the case, but I am trying. Not too long ago I found you $30 worth of free hibachi on your birthday. I also found you a list of places where kids eat free. Today, my newest finding comes in the form of breakfast. 

free slamIt comes from the good people at Denny’s who are offering anyone and everyone a free grand slam breakfast on their birthday. All you have to do is walk in, mention this offer, and show a valid ID. Once you have proven it is in fact your birthday, you will be give your free meal. Please keep in mind that taxes(depending on your state) and tips still apply. 

So there you are a free breakfast, not a bad way to start off your birthday.

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