Free Yankees Tickets? Yes Please.

yankees logoI love the Yankees, I am a life long fan. This meant being a very disappointed child, but the bombers have more than made it up to me in my adult years. I have only been to one game in the new stadium and always plan to go, but I am so busy and it can be very expensive.

I have recently been made aware of a fantastic promotion from Hess, Pepsi, and the New York Yankees. They are offering 2 FREE Yankees tickets if you do the following things.

  • Gas up at a Hess gas station 4 times (8 gallon min. per visit), save the receipts
  • Buy a 12 or 24 pack of Pepsi Cola at a “Hess Express” station in New York
  • Do so before 4/30/13
  • Mail in the receipts for these purchases with a mail in certificate before 5/1/13

Once you do you will be sent a code via e-mail that you can use to redeem 2 tickets on the “Grandstand level” for select eligible home games. I already have my gas receipts, I just have to get my 12 pack of pepsi. 

I check online and seat in these section sell for around 30 dollars per seat so you are making out with 60 bucks in free Yankee tickets. 

I tried to see if this promotion applied to other teams, but it appears that it’s only with the Yankees. Sorry non-New York readers, perhaps you could come and visit. A nice trip to NYC at a new stadium watching the Yankees for free. 

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