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I’ve mentioned in the past that I really admire inventors. Nothing impresses me more than someone finding away to improve our lives or use something in a new or more efficient way. This holds true for the people at Off-the-Floor EzStore.  They have created a storage system that is easy to assemble, customizable, adaptable, and makes use of space that for the most part is useless. I am referring to the back of your bedroom door. Normally this spot is blank or at best used to hang a poster or mirror on.

off the floorThis patented storage solution allows you to turn the back of your door into an impressive and colorful storage area. You can move the hooks and bins to suit the size and placement of your stuff. This system can be used on any door, bedroom, bathroom, or garage. Each hook can hold up to 5 lbs and each bin can support 10 lbs. 

The other place the Off-theFloor system is used is the garage. Place one of these systems on the wall for additional storage. Who doesn’t need more of that in their garage?

Behind the door, the garage, the living room wall, at your dorm, the possible applications of this product are numerous. The basic system sells for $99 and is presently being offered with a 15% discount. No code required, just click over to Off-the-Floor EzStore select your system and you get that discount. An innovative American made storage solution to help fight the clutter in your life. 

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