Three Months Out – The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio Update

lossThree months past and the slide continues, but I will go on the record and say that I think we might see some better days ahead. Still my fake portfolio’s performance is a great reason why I have this disclaimer.  **Please remember that I am not an investment professional. I have not invested any of my own money in these securities and I would caution my reader from doing so either. This is for educational purposes only.

Where the portfolio stands now:

  1. ishares Silver Trust(SLV) – Purchase Price: $29.48, number of shares 42. Current Price: $26.39 Loss of $129.78
  2. Cablevision(CVC) – Purchase Price $15.05, number of shares 82. Current Price: $14.41 Loss of $52.48
  3. Alpha Nat. Resources(ANR) – Purchase Price $10.28, number of shares 117. Current Price: $7.58 Loss of $315.90
  4. FaceBook(FB) – Purchase Price $29.22, number of shares 42. Current Price: $27.39 Loss of $76.86

Ninety days later and my fictitious investment portfolio has lost $575.02. Awful, so much so that I have decided to put a cap of $1000.00 on my losses. If my total loses exceed that amount I will “cash out”. Everyone needs to have goals and limits, for this experiment my limit is 20%. That said I feel like things are on the mend. FaceBook has had some interesting news, SLV seems like it’s starting to uptick and Cablevision actually recovered some of its loses from last month. Of course no one knows the future.  Stay tuned, perhaps The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio will fair better next month.

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