5 Ways to Turn Your Opinion into Cash- One Week Update

Well one week out and things are going well. I have done at least one survey on each of the sites and have been awarded whatever points or bucks or credits they have to offer. Here is where I stand with each site:

  • Swag Bucks- I have 248 SwagBucks. I really should be doing better here. The site offers you so many opportunities to earn.
  • Global Test Market-  I have 195 market points. As far as number of surveys offered these guys are far and away the best. I get at least 3 offers a day.
  • Opinion Place- Only allows one survey a week. I did it. I made 2 bucks and I guess I will do another this week.
  • Synovate-  I have 3000 points.I enjoy this site, the layout is good and the surveys are not repetitive. The cash equivalent of 3000 points is 3 dollars.
  • Mysurvey-  I’ve earned 550 points. This site sends my about 2 surveys a day and is very easy to use.

I’ve had a busy week, so I did not do as much as I would have normally been able to. Still totaled up I think I made about 10 dollars. At this rate I would make 500 dollars a year. I’ll take it.

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