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The other day I offered a few ideas for saving up the seed money for your small business. One of the suggestions was online surveys. I named a few sites that you can join if you are interested in filling out questionnaires for a small amount of cash. I feel fairly confident that if you are dedicated and consistent you can make a nice chuck of change this way, perhaps even thousands of dollars a year.

Several months ago I began a comparison of five sites that offer this service. Unfortunately between my job, wedding planing, and running this site I didn’t have time for online surveys and I had to abandon that effort. I will begin a second attempt in an effort to illustrate to my readers that such a thing is possible. I will provide you with a first hand account of my experiences with each of these sites, sharing with you my thoughts and the amounts of money I have earned in the process. I will report back to you on a bi-weekly bases.

I will save all of the money from this exercise in a separate account for the small business that I plan to launch in a year form now. I will talk more about that in later articles. Putting that aside, here are the sites that I have joined and my thoughts about my initial experience:

  1. Earn SwagbucksSwagBucks – This is king of online survey sites. Not only do they offer surveys, they also offer shopping rewards and points for completing tasks like watching videos. In my very limited experience with them I earned 1057 swag bucks. That translate into a $10 paypal or amazon gift card. When all is said and done I hope to earn about 25 bucks a month from this site, that’s 300 dollars a year. Tip: Download the toolbar, that way you can earn swagbucks even when you aren’t on the site.
  2. global-test-marketGlobal Test Market – These guys send me a bunch of e-mails every day, the frustrating part is that I get screened out of the majority of there surveys. I am going to give them another chance, but if things don’t improve I will probably drop them. I have 230 points which is equal to about 2 bucks. If I can make 10 dollars a month I will be satisfied with this site. That will translate into about $100 a year. 
  3. opinion-placeOpinion Place – I love these guys and I suspect you will to. Why? Simplicity, they keep it easy. They offer you one survey a week, you fill it out and you get $1-$5. One shot, simple. You can be paid in Amazon gift cards, paypal cash, or frequent flyer miles. I’m guessing I will make between $5- $15 a month, or about 100 dollars a year. 
  4. isayI-Say (formerly synovate) – I am not that familiar with the new site, but I really liked the old one. I have 1000 points which has a gift card equivalent of 10 dollars. I aim to make 20 dollars a month on this site or around 200 bucks a year.
  5. mysurveyMySurvey-  These guys are great, I can really rack up points here and the layout of the site is so user friendly. I already have 2200 points, thats good for a $20 paypal gift card. I hope to earn about 30 dollars a month here or around 300 dollars a year. Tip: Download the app, next time you are waiting for something you can bang out a few surveys and earn cash instead of being bored.
  6. viggle earnViggle – Technically Viggle isn’t a survey site. I wrote about it in the past, it is an app that rewards you for watching TV. You tune in, hold your phone up to the speaker and you are rewarded points. It takes a lot of points to earn anything, but it doesn’t really take that much effort. I think I could earn about 10 dollars a month here, or 100 a year. 

My rough estimate is that I can earn around $1000 bucks, possible more. With some extra time and a few opinions you could do even better.

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