Have You Ever Considered Baking Your Own Bread?

We live in a world of convenience. We have ice makers, and snow blowers, washing machines, dishwashers, lawn services and pool service, most of life’s chores have been reduced or eliminated from many of our daily routines. Is it all worth it? I certainly love the idea of not having to wash clothes or dishes, but to be honest I would prefer to cut my own lawn, save some money, get some exercise. 

As my interest in my diet and food supply has intensified I find myself wanting to take a more active role in my food choices. When I buy a home I plan to start a vegetable garden and plant some apple trees. I am looking into buying a juicer and I very much want to buy and ice cream maker. My future wife is against this idea, she fears that I will become too good at making my own ice cream and we will gain weight as a result of my success.

The “Future Bride” is open to the idea of making out own bread. Until recently I had never given it much consideration, but the more I thought about the more I liked the idea. The sweet smell of fresh hot bread that I made myself seems like a good idea. I have found two breadmakers that I think will fit the bill.

  1. bread makerThe Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic BreadMaker $129.00 - This is the #1 ranked breadmaker on Amazon, it has over 1300 reviews and almost all of them are positive. It can make three different loaf sizes, it can make white, french, whole wheat, and multigrain bread and it has a programmable timer. You can wake up to the smell of fresh bread should you so desire. Aside form the price, this machine seems like a home run.
  2. breadmaker 2The Sunbeam 5891 2lb Programmable BreadMaker $65.86 – Nearly as well reviewed and at half the price this might be the device for you. It is slightly bigger than the Panasonic, but it  shares many of the same features. In the end it might come down to which feature you think you will need and are willing to pay for. 

So there you are, if you like the idea of having fresh hot bread that you made yourself you would have a hard time doing better than either of these breadmakers. 

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