Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Nokona Baseball Equipment

glovesSince today is the Yankees home opener and for me the beginning of the baseball season it makes perfect sense to select a baseball glove maker for this weeks “Made in the USA” article. 

Located in a small Texas town Nokona has been building gloves in America since 1934. Crafted with quality leathers from American ranchers, these gloves are hand made using techniques that have been refined for nearly a century. When was the last time you bought something hand made by a craftsman? Someone trained over the course of years to make something to the highest quality standards?

Now quality comes with a price. These gloves retail for around two hundred dollars. For that price you have to ask yourself, “How often am I going to use this?” Are you or your child going to be in leagues? Are you going to play catch once or twice a season at a picnic or a barbecue? Will your child out grow this glove? Can they give it to a younger sibling? How much is this glove going to be used?

This Nokona Buffalo Combe Serier Youth Glove is a fine example of quality American craftsmanship. At $199.00 it is pricey, but if your child so going to use it almost everyday from April to October for 2 or 3 years than its probably worth every penny. A tough reliable American made glove that they can enjoy for countless hours and possibly pass on to someone else. 

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