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I’ve always believed that less chemicals you have to use the better off you will probably be in the long run. I’ve tried to do this with the food I eat, I am considering doing so with my cleaning products.  bio greenWhen I read about “Bio Green Clean”, my curiosity was peaked. Could this one product I have never heard of replace all the tile, furniture, and glass cleaning brands that I have used my entire life? It doesn’t seem possible.

Then I started to think. Some people dry dust. Some people clean their windows and tiles with dish washing soap. I’ve never done this, but maybe I am giving too much credit to those brand name cleaners. Perhaps decades of commercials featuring dancing scrubbing brushes and cleaning cartoons have given my cleaning products a magical power that they real don’t posses. 

Have the people at “Bio Green” found a formula that cleans as well as the chemical based brands? I can’t say from personal experience. I have read some of the reviews and they are very strong. The only real complaint I could find was price, but when I did the math that wasn’t true either.

You can buy a 1 quart bottles of “Bio Green” concentrate for $33.86 on Amazon. That quart needs to be diluted and can make 2-4 gallons of cleaning solution. When I compared that volume against traditional cleaners the cost per ounce was pretty close. 

Made with purified water, amino acids, vitamins, and other plant based ingredients, Bio Green has no chemically smell and almost no impact on the environment. I guess in the end if these things are important to you might consider this products. When you add the fact that its made in the USA, you certainly have my attention.

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