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Finding great discounts is all about knowing where to look. I have written in the past about “Beyond the Rack” and the “Sierra Trading Post”, two excellent sites for finding deals on clothing and other items. Last week a friend of mine, who enjoyed my recommendations decided to return the favor. hautelookShe said, “You have to try HauteLook, it’s amazing”. Always in the hunt for a new discount shopping site I paid “HauteLook” a visit and sure enough she was right. 

Now how you define a discount is all relative. If you are being offered a 500 dollars leather jacket for 225 that is a considerable discount. As far as I am concerned you are still paying over 200 bucks for a jacket. Too rich for my blood, but I know a few people who would jump on that. Here are a few items that I think offer excellent value and price:

  • Sanctuary Lace Me Up Sheer Cami Top ($29.00 from $88.00) – camiThis seems like a nice top that you could wear to a wide variety of warm weather events or activities. It’s always smart to have a few versatile tops in your wardrobe and at 67% this one certainly worth considering. 
  • Parke & Ronen Elation Short Sleeve Shirt red shirt($69.00 from $138.00) – Even at 50% off I was kinda on the fence about this shirt. It looks great and I like the color. That deep red can be worm with khakis or jeans and its cotton. The price is still a bit high, but when I saw that it was “Made in the USA” the deal was sealed and I ordered one. 
  • hairISO Beauty – Full Set with Blow Dryer ($89.00 from $399.99) – I don’t know who is paying 400 bucks for th is set, but I do know that woman put a lot of time and energy into their hair and that having the right tools is important. 

So there you are, a few of the many offerings from HauteLook. If you are looking for deals please check them out and keep in mind that they are constantly adding new items every day.

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