HBO Go, the Video App You Need to Get

I recently wrote an article about the Roku 3 media player that I bought my parents recently. hbo goIt came in the mail, and I set it up for them. I added a bunch of apps that I thought they might enjoy. One of them was “HBO Go”, I have know about it for a while but I have never used it. I suspected that they might like it so I jumped through a few hoops to set it up for them. 

I tried it out and all I can say is “Wow”. Every single HBO series from the last 15 years is on there. You want to give “The Wire” a try, jump right in. You heard good things about “Veep”, check it out. Add to that all the great comedy specials, movies, and documentaries and consider me impressed. The best part is that this app is “free”, that is if you are an HBO subscriber and you meet a few of their requirements. 

I am almost certain that my Mom will love the “Mildred Pierce” series. I immediately added “HBO Go” to my Xbox video apps and have already watched a few docs. If you are an HBO subscriber and you have a media player that supports it, I would high recommend checking out “HBO Go”.

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