3 Things That Set “Hess” Gas Stations Apart From All Others

My dream is to one day plug my electric car into my solar powered house. I know that will eventually happen, you can buy an electric car right now, sadly like most people I cannot afford these things presently. I am stuck driving to the gas station. I feel the pain at the pump and I have to deal with all of the annoyances that come with buying gasoline. hessI have bought gas all over and I have notices one constant, “Hess” gas stations treat their customers much better than most others. Here’s how:

  1. Cash or credit, doesn’t matter. One of the latest trends at the pump is to jack up the price if you are using plastic. Station owners argue that they lose money paying for the credit card fees. So now we are stuck paying 10 cents extra per gallon? I don’t know the economics of the gas retail business, but as a customer it feels like theft. If you have never experienced this you are lucky, but be warned, it’s coming. All of the gas stations have begun adopting this policy with one exception, Hess. They stand alone, charging you the same price regardless of payment method. 
  2. Air is FREE! Thirty years ago if you told someone that people would buy bottles of water they would have laughed at you. Ten years ago if you told me we would have to pay to put air in your tires I would have done the same. Well, here we are. Most of the gas stations near me now charge a buck to use the air hose. You have to pay for air? Again the air hoses at Hess stations say FREE. Thank you Hess.
  3. Best Prices – This is harder to prove, price fluctuate all the time. In my experience the price of gas at Hess Stations is usually lower than neighboring chain gas stations.

Money talks, we need to spend our dollars at places that treat us well. This is why I always try to buy my gas from Hess. If enough of us did this other companies would catch on and stop charging us for using credit cards and filling our tires. Keep that in mind the next time you start dropping quarters into the air hose machine.

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