Here is the Next “PiggyBankBuilder Wednesday GiveAway”!

Gas cardsThe prize for our latest contest is a “$25 Sunoco Gift Card”.  Where I live the price of gas has jumped up to $4.05 a gallon. I am sure many of us could use some relief at the pump.

Our last giveaway saw a bit of a drop in participation. I waited to list the giveaway and a I also waited to promote it, live and learn.

A number of you have already liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter. Since you can only do this once and these bonuses are closed to past entrants, I have allowed the “tweet” feature to be a daily entry. Make sure you Tweet about the contest every day for additional bonus entries. Best of luck to all of you.

The PiggyBankBuilder Wednesday Giveaway: A $25 Sunoco Card


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  • Paula Varble

    Where is the tweet feature? Maybe it’s on a 24hr clock and that’s why I don’t see it. Or are we suppose to tweet on our own and come back and comment? Please advise. Thanks.

  • Natalie Parvis

    Thanks for the giveaway. I know everyone can use a gas card!

  • Amy Orvin

    I could really use this gas card. What a great giveaway! Thank you.


    definately a great thing to win

  • Ari

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    falses1gns at gmail dot com

  • Michelle Greg

    This would make a great gift. Everyone can use a little help with gas expenses. Thank you!

  • Thomas Murphy

    thanks for the giveaway!