The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio – Two Month Update

redDonald Trump just called he said,”Your Fired!” Two months out and things have gotten worse, here are my results thus far.  **Please remember that I am not an investment professional. I have not invested any of my own money in these securities and I would caution my reader from doing so either. This is for educational purposes only.

Where the portfolio stands now:

  1. ishares Silver Trust(SLV) – Purchase Price: $29.48, number of shares 42. Current Price: $27.91 Loss of $65.94
  2. Cablevision(CVC) – Purchase Price $15.05, number of shares 82. Current Price: $13.98 Loss of $87.74
  3. Alpha Nat. Resources(ANR) – Purchase Price $10.28, number of shares 117. Current Price: $8.39 Loss of $221.13
  4. FaceBook(FB) – Purchase Price $29.22, number of shares 42. Current Price: $28.58 Loss of $26.88

After two months of fictitious investment the portfolio has lost $401.69. A further decline to be sure, two of my picks recovered some of their loses while the other two turned down rather significantly. At this point the fake portfolio is down almost 10%. Would you sell now or would you ride it out? I’m going to ride it out. Stay tuned, perhaps The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio will fair better next month.

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