Mexican Coca-Cola- Made With Real Sugar

The last few years I have watched a few documentaries that have really opened my eyes about the food industries in America. The one that opened the flood gates for me was “The Future of Food” and “Food Inc.” drove the message home. From then on I began to pay greater attention to what I ate. As part of this trend I have switched many of the sweets in my diet to products made with actual sugar. I found and Australian licorice at Trader Joe’s that I have fallen in love with. The taste is so amazing! I can’t say for sure if it’s the switch from high fructoses corn syrup to actual sugar, but the difference in taste is obvious and the Future Bride agrees.

Today is was commenting about this to a friend and she suggested that I might like Kosher Coke. I didn’t know they even made such a thing . She told me that since corn could be used a leavening agent, it was not kosher. In order to satisfy that requirement Coke makes a limited amount of bottles with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

I was intrigued and mentioned it to another friend. He told me, “If you really want Coke made from sugar, buy some Mexican Coca-cola.” Huh? I thought a bottle of Coke was the same all over the planet? Nope. Mexican Coke is not only made with sugar its made with sugar cane. Well I have to try this, off to the internet I went.

mexican cokeSeek and ye shall find. To be honest it wasn’t even that hard. Right on Amazon, they are offering 24 twelve ounce bottles of “Mexican Coke” for $37.05 + $8.95 shipping = $46.00. That is $1.92 per bottle. A little on the high side sure, more than you would pay at a vending machines, less than you would pay at a movie theater. One of the Amazon reviewers suggested that you can get a better price at Sam’s Club. I also found a website called You enter your address and it provides you with a location where you can buy “Mexican Coke”.

Now I haven’t tried it, but I plan to. Many of the reviews I read where overwhelmingly positive. Some people referred to it as “the way Coke used to be” and “Gourmet Coke”. If it tastes any near as good as my “Australian sugarcane licorice” then I am in for a treat.

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