Made in the U.S.A. Monday – The Mighty Max Utility Cart

Spring is coming, at least that’s what the groundhog said. I hope he’s right, I enjoy spring, my whole town comes alive. People start going for walks again, gardening, fishing, all that pent up energy burst out as we shake off the cob webs and go back outside. Usually around this time my mother will ask me to take a trip with her to “Home Depot”. We head over to the “garden section” and return with two or three hundred pounds of potting soil and or wood chips. I would load a bag of whatever she needed onto an old red wagon that was left over from my childhood and she would pull it about from place to place using it as needed. It works but, it’s not ideal. Perhaps this year I can persuade her to buy a “Mighty Max” utility cart.

Mighty MaxMade in Texas from American sourced, Eco-freindly materials, “Mighty Max” is about as American made as it gets. This little cart can fit in most trucks, but is strong enough to carry nearly 600 pounds. It comes with a large variety of accessories for maximum customizability and includes a life time warranty. You don’t usually see those types of guarantees anymore, I admire their confidence in their product.

So if you are moving, or gardening, or looking for a better way to lug around that giant fishing cooler you should probably take a look at the versatile, expandable, American made “Might Max” utility cart. Pricing begins at $89.00 and increases with customization. It is a rugged all purpose device that you can count on. Buy it for the times when your sons aren’t around to carry those heavy bags of potting soil. 

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