Free Parking? No. Cheap Parking? Absolutely!

When I was a kid I used to play “Monopoly” with my brother and my grandfather. One of the tiles on the board that always used to confuse me was “Free Parking”. This is probably because I lived in the suburbs. All parking is free here. Every time I landed there I always viewed it as a wasted roll. Sometimes we deviated form the rules and added a 500 dollar bonus if you landed on that space. That aside, as a driver license-less suburban kid the appeal was lost on me.

Then I started working in Manhattan and let me tell you, finding free parking is like winning the lottery. Sliding cars into tiny spaces and finding on street spots is a contact sport in New York. Over the years I have mastered the art of parking and I would like to share with you one of my greatest tools, a little web site called,

From my experience stands apart from all others. You click over, select your city, your neighborhood or address, and your arrival and departure time. “BestParking” takes in all of this information and provides you with a map filled with garages/lots and their respective rates.Parking As this picture illustrates, the saving can be tremendous. In this case I selected midtown Manhattan on a Monday for eight hours. As you can see (click on this picture) some garages are offering a spot for $52-$30, but if you park four or five blocks east you can cut the cost down to $15, thats over 1/2 off and all you have to do is walk a few extra blocks. 

I used BestParking yesterday. I was going into Manhattan to see an independent film and I decided to drive. I went to their site and entered my information. The garages near the theater wanted 30-40 bucks to park. I found an indoor garage 10 blocks from the theater offering a spot for $11.00. I printed my ticket and presented it when I went to pay, they scanned it and the bill came back 11 dollars. It was that easy. I entered and left via the toll free “Williamsburg Bridge”and a trip that could have cost me 50 dollars for tolls and parking only cost me 11. A large part of this saving can be attributed to

The next time you make a trip to a place where parking can be expensive check it out. You might be surprised at how much you will save.

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