Mr. Rebates – A Leader in Cash Back Shopping?

Any one familiar with this site knows I am a big fan of cash back shopping and stackable deals. My goal is always to find an item on sale, use a coupon code, get cash back on the purchases, and pay with a rewards credit card. For the past few months I have primarily been using “BigCrumbs” to earn cash back on my online purchases.  The experience has been very good. BigCrumbs has a nice variety of cash back offers. Once I make a purchase the reward always show up in my account and the pay outs arrive on their scheduled time. Since opening my account I have earned about 20 bucks from this program. Not a kingly sum, but with my up coming wedding I haven’t been spending as much as I normally would. I expect this trend to change when the “Future Bride” and I  move into our future apartment.

While I am happy with “Big Crumbs”, I am always on the look out for other offers.  A friend of mind refereed me to “”. He claims that they are the best of the best in cash back shopping. I value his opinion and I do enjoy bold claims so I checked them out.

rebatesThe sign up was quick and the cash back offers are generous. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I did click on a few links. What I like about this site is that once you select an offer Mr. Rebates will direct you to that retailers website. After you are redirected a window pops up with a few key pieces of information like the amount of the cash back rebate and a list of offers and coupon codes. This is a big deal, coupon codes can be a hassle to find. If Mr. Rebates can give me cash back and a valid coupon code then half of my work is done. I sometime worry that the coupon code we negate my cash back, but if Mr. Rebates can give me both than maybe my friend was right.

I still have yet to make a purchase, but when I do I will report back to you. If things are as good as they seem then it’s quite possible that Mr. Rebates is the king of the cash back shopping game. 

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