You Can Save A Lot of Money On Car Insurance

Six months ago I was very frustrated with the cost of my car insurance. drivingI had gone years without and accident or a ticket, I was getting older, and I had a very short commute to work. Despite these facts, every time I got my latest renewal quote it was always noticeably higher then the last. By this time the cost of my six month policy had risen to $1078.00. I was done with this situation and decided to do something about it.

I proceeded to contact several car insurance companies for quotes. I made sure that the amount of coverage in my quoted policies was the same as my existing one. Each of the companies I called gave me a better price then my insurance provider at the time. The lowest quote of $705.30 was from Geico. I was happy with their price as well as their customer service and made the switch. In less then an hour I had managed to save 373 dollars on my 6 month policy or $746.00 for the year. 

Six months later I received my renewal quote from Geico and I began to wonder if I could find a better deal once again. My renewal quote this time was $712.00, only a few bucks more than my last quote. Still I was 6 months older, I had not gotten into an accident or received a ticket in that time period, and my vehicle had depreciated in value, as all cars do with time. 

I decided to once again make some calls and get some more quotes. I got my first quote via an insurance companies web site, $1035.00, no deal. Then I called a company that was offering a deal through my employer, $812, closer but no cigar. Finally I reached out to one of the biggest insurers in the country for a quote, $1207! What!

It was clear that I was sticking with Geico. I was still curious about why my policy price hadn’t gone down. I called them and made my case. The agent was very nice, he agreed with all of the points I made and told me that the increase had nothing to do with me. He said that it was a regional adjustment, those aren’t his exact words, but it seems to me that “Hurricane Sandy” was to blame. Over 200,000 cars were destroyed by that storm, that’s a lot of insurance claims. If I have to pay a few bucks extra to help off set that loss, that’s fine with me.

While I wasn’t able to get a better price for my car insurance I did get the piece of mind in knowing that I have the best price. I would encourage all of you to do the same. Like the commercial says, a few minutes could save you hundreds of dollars. All it takes is a phone call.

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